If your PayPal subs is cancelled after repeated attempts to renew it for a further year, you cannot revive it and you will have to take out a new subscription. Please visit our [Payments page].

If your PayPal subs is cancelled mid-term, PayPal notifies us and we keep this information on file until it is time for you to take out a new subs, at which point we will contact you.

In either case, there is no need to inform us.

For future reference, please note that subscription payments are taken automatically from your account unless:

  • your credit card expires before you have updated its expiry date on PayPal
  • your credit card number changes
  • there is some other triggering factor in your account that causes PayPal to cancel your subscription
  • you yourself terminate your subscription

In any of these cases you will receive notification from PayPal that your subscription has been cancelled. Once it has been cancelled do not try to reinstate it. You will have to start a new one at renewal time (but not before then).