Keep Your Subs Up To Date

A lot of DepList membership subscriptions fall due at around this time. Make sure your credit card details are up to date on PayPal so that your subscription can be levied without problems. Remember that your subscription may have been running for several years, and the original credit card's expiry date may have passed. PayPal makes three attempts to levy your subs before giving up and cancelling it. If you get a failure notice from PayPal, it means that your card details are no longer valid and you should take remedial action at once before your subs gets cancelled. Sometimes PayPal won't let you update your credit card's details and your only course of action is to delete it from your profile and add the new card. This mostly happens when your new credit card has a different number from the old one. In such a case, PayPal cancels your subscription and you must take out a new one. If PayPal cancels your subs at renewal time, please take out a new subscription here. And please, please, do not let me know that your subs has been cancelled. I know it has because I get notified too. And I will not remove you from DepList before I have given you a generous amount of time in which to start a new subscription.