Pay Rates

All work advertised through DepList must be remunerated at acceptable levels of pay. We are not here to cater for those seeking amateur performers to fill vacancies. There are other organisations to help with that. A lot of what we do at DepList when a new member applies to join is to assess their level of competence, skills and experience. High levels of these have a value attached. They are our performers'  assets and are essential if they are to earn a living from the kind of work that's offered here. Our performers must be remunerated adequately for their possession of and maintenance of their assets.

We ask that fees should be not less than those recommended by such organisations as the ISM, the RSCM and Equity. DepList members who are registered with our Members' Area can download the Equity rate card from this page. Most fees offered in the adverts that pass through the DepList machine fall within a fairly narrow band, so it's possible to deduce what the going rates are, more or less. But every now and again, a job gets advertised here which carries a fee that is very obviously way below the average and quite unacceptable. When such a job advert comes up, it is your responsibility as DepList members to refuse to work for inferior rates. You have not only a right but a duty to protest to the advertiser (not to me!). Sometimes it's simply a question of ignorance on the part of the person who holds the purse strings, and you may be able to negotiate a better rate.