Pay Rates

All work advertised through DepList must be remunerated at acceptable levels of pay. We are not here to cater for those seeking amateur performers to fill vacancies. There are other organisations to help with that. A lot of what we do at DepList when a new member applies to join is to assess their level of competence, skills and experience. High levels of these have a value attached. They are our performers'  assets and are essential if they are to earn a living from the kind of work that's offered here. Our performers must be remunerated adequately for their possession of and maintenance of their assets.

We ask that fees should be not less than those recommended by such organisations as the ISM, the RSCM and Equity. DepList members who are registered with our Members' Area can download the Equity rate card from this page. Most fees offered in the adverts that pass through the DepList machine fall within a fairly narrow band, so it's possible to deduce what the going rates are, more or less. But every now and again, a job gets advertised here which carries a fee that is very obviously way below the average and quite unacceptable. When such a job advert comes up, it is your responsibility as DepList members to refuse to work for inferior rates. You have not only a right but a duty to protest to the advertiser (not to me!). Sometimes it's simply a question of ignorance on the part of the person who holds the purse strings, and you may be able to negotiate a better rate.

Keep Your Subs Up To Date

A lot of DepList membership subscriptions fall due at around this time. Make sure your credit card details are up to date on PayPal so that your subscription can be levied without problems. Remember that your subscription may have been running for several years, and the original credit card's expiry date may have passed. PayPal makes three attempts to levy your subs before giving up and cancelling it. If you get a failure notice from PayPal, it means that your card details are no longer valid and you should take remedial action at once before your subs gets cancelled. Sometimes PayPal won't let you update your credit card's details and your only course of action is to delete it from your profile and add the new card. This mostly happens when your new credit card has a different number from the old one. In such a case, PayPal cancels your subscription and you must take out a new one. If PayPal cancels your subs at renewal time, please take out a new subscription here. And please, please, do not let me know that your subs has been cancelled. I know it has because I get notified too. And I will not remove you from DepList before I have given you a generous amount of time in which to start a new subscription.

Busy Times

The run-up to Christmas is always hectic for DepList's back-office (i.e. me!). Apart from the seasonal gigs on offer, with job ads coming in from non-member visitors, there is a rush of new applicants for membership, and a rush of requests from lapsed members wanting to rejoin. All these things need processing and admin time. So if I don't answer your query within 20 seconds of your submitting it (or even within two days if I consider it to be non-urgent, or something that's answered in our FAQs or on the website), please bear with me. I will get around to it eventually.

Are You in the Directory?

If you're a DepList Member and you're not listed in the Directory, please take a moment to register on this site and submit a Directory entry. Many visitors come here looking for a particular individual whose contact details they do not have. If you want work, it's in your interest to make yourself easily accessible.

Making Contact

A message to Members

With the old membership software, visitors who wanted to contact you had to send you an internal message, which you wouldn't have known about unless you happened to log in. Many of you put up a profile in our Members' Area and then never went near it afterwards, so most of you missed seeing your messages. I did see your messages, because I had access to the inner workings of the membership module. I didn't make a point of reading your private messages, but I couldn't help noticing that many of them were from conductors and fixers trying to contact you. Often they knew you only by name or recommendation but didn't have your contact details. They'd found your DepList profile via google, so used the messaging facility to try to contact you. The problem was that our membership software's notification system didn't work properly. This was supposed to alert you by email to the existence of a message in your in-box (in the same way that Facebook does). Most of the time this didn't happen because there was a bug in the software that didn't get fixed by the developers. I asked them time and again for a direct emailing facility but they didn't provide one. It was all rather unsatisfactory.

Our current system actually works! It doesn't fiddle about with silly internal message-boxes. Instead, much more sensibly, it lets visitors send messages directly to your email address. Everything remains private: visitors don't get to see your email address, and I don't get to see who's been messaged, let alone the contents of those messages. Which of course is how it should be. If you don't want to miss out on work opportunities, and you want conductors and fixers to be able to contact you directly, especially if you don't have your own website, it really is in your interest to take out an entry in the Directory. You'd be surprised at how often people come to DepList looking for you because they want to book you for a solo gig!

Directory software upgrade

The software for the Members' Area has been upgraded. This should allow members to update existing Members' Directory profiles as often as they like without approval. In other words, they won't disappear from view after an update. At least, I hope not!

But new entries of course will still require approval before they show up.

New FAQs

A lot has happened to DepList's site since the beginning of June. We have recently sent out to members a new edition of our monthly newsletter-cum-FAQs. Please discard any previous issues of our FAQs and keep the JULY version, as it contains new links.