How do I sponsor a New Member onto DepList?

If you have been a Full Member of DepList for at least six months, you can recommend a new member by filling in our New Member Recommendation Form.

How do I get listed in the Directory?

Go to our Directory, where you will find a submit a listing button. You must be a paid-up Member and you must be logged in to take out a listing.

Are all DepList members listed in the Directory?

No. Directory listings are optional, and some members do not want a public presence on the web. For this reason, when you join DepList you will not automatically be added to these listings. It is up to you to ask us to register you for the Members' Area, and then you will be able to take out a Directory listing if you wish.

How do I edit my Directory listing?

First log in to the Members' Area. Then navigate to the Directory and look for your own entry. You should see an edit button against your listing.

I just created a Directory listing. Why won't it show up?

New listings take a day or two to be approved before they will be made visible. Listings created by non-members will not be published.

I can't log in. Can you send me my password?

No. Your password is encrypted and not known to us. There are facilities for retrieving a lost password in the log-in area.

PayPal has told me my DepList subscription has been cancelled. What should I do?

If this has happened as a result of several failed attempts by PayPal to renew your subscription, please start a new subscription via our Payments page.