Add your Profile

To add your profile to our Members' Directory, you must be registered for the Members' Area. Since November 2015 we have automatically registered our new members so they can create a listing straightaway. Before you attempt to create a Directory entry, make sure you are logged in (click here if you aren't), then go to our Current Listings page, and click on the button labelled Submit a listing to start creating your profile entry. Once you have created your entry, we will need to approve it before it is published. This normally takes a day or two. Once it is published, you will be able to amend and edit it as often as you like.

Some members who joined DepList before November 2015 may not be registered for the Members' Area. If you tried the lost password link and it didn't work, you need to register for the Members' Area. In this case, please contact us, stating that you want to be registered for the Members' Area.