Joining DepList

Full Membership

To become a Full Member of DepList you must be personally recommended by a current Member and you must demonstrate to the Owners of DepList that you fulfill our admission requirements in terms of skills and experience as a singer, organist or choral director.

The person who is recommending you ("sponsor" in DepList parlance) must initially apply on your behalf via an application form in our Members' Area. He or she must be a paid-up Full Member, who is familiar with your work and who is willing to provide a reference for you. If you are a singer, you will be asked to provide an audio sample and an additional reference by a professional who has employed your services.

Note: Lapsed members wishing to rejoin should contact us directly.

Associate Membership

If your interest in DepList is principally as a fixer or booker of singers rather than as a performer, you can join DepList as an Associate Member. Associate Membership is ideal for those who need to book performers regularly.

There are no special requirements or formalities to join as an Associate, but your use of our messaging service will be limited to posting advertisements. You will not receive other Members' advertisements or have access to our archived messages. If you would like to join, please, visit our Payments page and take out a subscription. This runs for one year, after which it will be automatically renewed unless you cancel it before its renewal date. After you have signed up with us, we will register you in our Members' Area and you will be able to use our advertising form. This will send your advertisements to our members instantly and directly. A subscription costs £10 per year.